BeautyPlus MOD APK 7.6.060 (Premium Unlocked)


 BeautyPlus MOD APK 7.6.060 (Premium Unlocked)


BeautyPlus MOD APK 7.6.060 (Premium Unlocked)



 What does it do?

Here in BeautyPlus, Android users can enjoy working with their awesome photo editing application that focuses on elevating the beauties of the selected targets. With the app being extremely well-known among makeup artists, photographers, and social influencers, Android users can rest assured knowing that they’ll enjoy their beautify experiences to the fullest.

Feel free to engage yourself in the awesome in-app photo editing features and make the most of the included editing materials to completely change the visual experiences. Enable various image effects and intuitive settings, which will allow you to completely customize your selected photos and images. Make quick customizations with available preset options. Or try out many beauty settings to enable in-depth visual personalization in BeautyPlus.

At the same time, the app also works as your beautify camera with many useful options that you can make uses of. Feel free to enable the awesome mobile app on your devices and make uses of the built-in camera whenever you need. Watch live effects and make intuitive changes to the camera, which will enable better footages with pre-edited effects.

To start enjoying the awesome mobile app, you can simply pick up the free app on the Google Play Store, no payment is required. Feel free to work with many available in-app features, which will make it quite easy for you to customize your photos. And if you want to make the most of the mobile app, there are also ads and in-app purchases that you will need to pay for.

Also, make sure to provide the awesome mobile app with certain access permissions, which are needed to enable the fully-featured photo editor on your system. Hence, you will need to accept its requests upon entering the mobile app.

And to ensure the app’s compatibility, especially when installing the latest updates of BeautyPlus, you will need to update your devices to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 4.4 and up.
Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:
Enable live effects on your capturing footages

To start with, Android users in BeautyPlus can comfortably capture brilliant photos using the built-in camera options. Feel free to enable many live photography effects and settings, which will allow you to easily capture the perfect photos. Make uses of the timer option so you can capture the perfect hands-free photoshoots. In addition, since the app can work well on both your front-facing and rear cameras, Android users can freely utilize the awesome mobile app.
Beautify photos with Skin Editor

Here in BeautyPlus, Android users can enjoy working with the awesome skin editor and beautify their selected photos with the useful Skin Editor. Start by making uses of the perfect radiant complexions to enable the beautifully captured selfie or portrait photos. Once that’s finished, you can enable makeover tools in the app to smooth skins, adjust the skin tones, and get rid of any blemishes that are bothering you. As a result, you can export your perfect images with beautiful skins in just a few seconds.
Create the perfect eyes for the characters

In addition, to further enhance the captured portrait or selfie photos, Android users can try out the Perfect Eyes options in BeautyPlus and freely edit their characters. Get rid of annoying eye bags and dark circles that are making you look lifeless and unhealthy. Attempt to brighten the eyes with useful effects and make them stand out from the entire image. Also enjoy interesting customizations, which will let you adjust eye colors to better match your hair colors and hairstyles, as you enable unique visual experiences on your characters.
Work on making the perfect smile

For those of you who are interested, you can attempt to work on introducing the perfect smile for the selected targets. Simply make uses of the in-app features to whitening the teeth and make the characters appear more confident. Enable other effects to make your smiles more natural and beautiful. Thus, allowing Android users to further enjoy the mobile application.
Easily edit your photos with auto retouch options

To make the app more accessible, Android users can try out the quick retouch feature and enjoy making beautiful images with their selected photos. Simply enable the built-in retouch presets, each offering its unique visual options, which will allow you to comfortably enhance the certain aspects of the images within seconds.
Have fun working with the magic brush

In addition, the app also features the interesting magic brush, which will enable many interesting and unique effect brushes for users to work with. Have fun trying out the glow, neon, start, hearts, and many available selfie experiences in a matter of seconds. Simply enable your magic brushes and have absolute fun with the mobile app.
Discover the professional photo editing expereinces

Here in BeautyPlus, Android users can enjoy discovering the professional photo editing experiences, which will allow them to work on glorifying their images, just like a pro photographer would. Explore the blurring effects and enable professional bokeh effects on your photos. Quickly crop any parts of the images or adjust them to the preferred ratios. Add many interesting photo filters to enable unique visual impressions on your creative works. Enable professional photo controls, which will give you the complete freedom to customize your images in many ways.
Quick and effective smart photography

To make the app more interesting, Android users can enjoy working with accessible and smart camera options, which will make the captured footage a lot better than they should be. To start with, BeautyPlus will automatically adjust the lighting and exposure, especially during low light conditions. As a result, you can enjoy working with your brilliant photo shots, even in the nights. In addition, the multiple face recognition will make sure that you can enjoy detailed and well-focused group shots.
Quickly share your creative content online

Last but not least, with the edited content, you easily export them to your external storage and enable many different settings. Or quickly share your content online on popular social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. The app will provide automated export options to enable the best image and visual quality on your photos, which is quite convenient to work with.
Enjoy the free and unlocked app on our website

With the free and unlocked application of BeautyPlus now available on our website, Android users can enjoy their photography experiences even more. Now, you can simply pick up our modified app and enjoy its paid features for absolutely free. At the same time, we also removed the annoying ads to make the game more enjoyable. All it takes is for you to download and install the BeautyPlus Mod APK on our website, follow the provided instructions to start having fun with the fully-featured mobile application.
Final verdicts

With useful editing options for both quick and in-depth photo retouches, BeautyPlus will allow its users to comfortably work on improving their selected photos. From adding certain filters and effects to performing detailed edits on the selected targets, the app will help improve your visual experiences within the photos. Beautify your portrait or selfie shots within just a few steps. Or enjoy working on in-depth editing operations, which will completely change the visual impressions to the better. Plus, with the free and unlocked app on our website, you’ll have more reasons to enjoy it.




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