[Solved] How To Re-Activate WhatsApp Channel Banned


[Solved] How To Re-Activate
WhatsApp Channel Banned

The WhatsApp account is permanently blocked and shows
“Your phone number has been blocked from using WhatsApp. Contact support for assistance.”
WhatsApp banned,
what do I do now?

You stopped doing everything and spend it on Google Search and YouTube videos for a solution. I have tried many methods but found no way to work properly.
Oh magic, you have the same problem.
Do not worry, Jayapal is here to solve your WhatsApp integration.
In this article, you are ready to see the errors that you have made resulting in whatsApp blocking.
Let’s discuss everything in detail.

Why is the number permanently blocked from Whatsapp?

Since WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that millions of people use today, there are many opportunities that anyone can abuse. If your account activity is suspected to be abusive to our system and violates our Terms and Conditions, your account will be temporarily banned from using WhatsApp.
There is a specific reason to violate the following strict WhatsApp rules. The lack of read instructions before creating WhatsApp is the first error you have made. What I’m saying here, I’ve written here the reasons why WhatsApp prohibits you. The following are some of the reasons that may prevent you from using WhatsApp.
# Send bulk messages to unlisted contacts
# Share URLs of websites and ad links multiple times a day
# Create Adult Pornographic and Broadcast Groups
# Block your WhatsApp number by many people
# by uploading the status of the offensive content or may contain adult things.

Sometimes, WhatsApp may sometimes keep you for a certain period of time like for 72 hours. I have heard some people saying, “My phone number is blocked for 72 hours,” after which the account will be automatically recovered.

How To Re-Activate WhatsApp Channel Banned ?


Do not worry, I have the best trick to Re-Activate WhatsApp Channel Banned. The following are some steps about how to reactivate WhatsApp that is blocked.
Just follow the steps below and Screenshots:

Uninstall whatsApp you already have

Download and install the new update

Enter your phone number and you will see a Screenshot like this

Click on “Support” option

Now a contact support form is displayed like this

Write your problem and add the screenshot of what it is showing

Don’t forget to add your number

Click “Next” and scroll down

Choose “This does not answer my problem

Now send a support email using support@whatsapp.com

You can start the message to support WTSP as follows with the message title “My Whatsapp account has deactivated”

Dear Sirs,

My Whatsapp Account Has Been Deactivated
without any prior warning is not acceptable at all. 
I have been using the Whatsapp service for a while now 
in a proper manner، without sending any spam messages 
nor any unsolicited and inappropriate messages، 
and with that said you have managed to stop my account 
without prior…. 
notice Kindly take my case into consideration 
and get me exception from the Top Management 
my phone number is +”Your Whatsapp Number Banned”

After 4hrs, check your email inbox. You will get a WhatsApp reply.


Following all the above steps
I’m sure within 48hrs, your WhatsApp account will get back.

In some cases, it shows a 24hr time period for a temporary banned.

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