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What is Duolingo?

Foreign languages are the door to many places in the flat world. It is also the ultimate weapon for a bright future with a good job, a huge income, and a dreamlike fortune. But you do not have to go to the language center a few times a week, or you do not need to sweat in boring language clubs in school. There is a shorter, easier way to reach and get used to the foreign language that today’s young people tend to look for, that is, learning foreign languages through apps.

Each language learning app has its own characteristics and strengths. And I find that, no matter what you do, for knowledge to really go deep into your head, your mind has to be really open and relaxed. Therefore, since childhood, I have always thought that “playing while learning” is always the best way. And after many months of expectation, now there is a foreign language learning app that suits my criterion.

Duolingo is a foreign language learning project developed by two computer programmers Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker, at Carnegie Mellon University (USA) in June 2012. After being officially uploaded to the app stores, Duolingo resonated with tens of millions of people participating in just the first two years. And so far, it is one of the most popular language-learning apps globally.

New approach in learning languages

As I shared above, learning while playing is what Duolingo aims to do. Instead of forcing users to jumble about complicated words or complicated explanations, Duolingo will use a set of “interactive exercises” to convert everything from vocabulary, grammar, conversation, writing skills into games with challenges of difficulty corresponding to each level.

The main interesting point is that in each challenge, users will, in turn, go through four important skills of the foreign language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. And the main content of the challenge will always be repeated many times, in different ways to penetrate the user’s head and heart. The level division is very similar to a real foreign language center in real life. There are Diploma, Basic, Advanced. But in each level, it is divided into many small branches according to easy-to-remember topics such as Food, Present, Adjectives, Plurals, Family, Questions, Numbers, Colors, Houses, Locations, Shoppings, Works, Animals, Prepositions, Dates and Times, Natures…

And as mentioned above, to integrate 4 skills simultaneously, in each round, you have to type the correct word, fill in the correct spelling, grammar, listen through the reading and repeat the correct intonation, pronunciation. In particular, according to many experts, the voice recognition function of Duolingo is quite standard. You read, the app records and points out the error in the sentence. If in the wrong limit, you pass. If it is more wrong, you have to redo the challenge.

And yet, these short, fun exercises like this are very addictive, creating constant excitement for users to continue “learning” the next day. Because like playing games, after each turn, you will accumulate lingots points, earn badges. Time limits and difficulty have been upgraded as well. Even with some difficult tests, there are always certificates stored on the computer to motivate you to learn English.

Learn English through fun games

Duolingo also has Flash cards – Tiny cards feature that is completely free. Like the flashcard in real life, this tool helps to repeat and practice vocabulary effectively and personally. If you want to discuss more about the lessons, interact and get support from other Duolingo members, you can visit the Duolingo Forum to share. Learning also needs like-minded people to progress quickly.

Duolingo currently has many languages serving diverse needs of people around the world such as English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch …

A few caveats when using Duolingo

Duolingo, as well as famous foreign language learning apps today, also has some points that cannot satisfy everyone. One of them can be named as:

  1. If you have a good language background, getting started is easy. Because Duolingo is quite friendly and easy to understand, but when you have reached a certain level, you may not like Duolingo’s knowledge and teaching style. The general ground is fine, but in-depth research is not.
  2. Duolingo does not yet have an explanation of grammar rules. You can use it together with a grammar notebook and then connect knowledge. In the future, there may be an update that adds this feature, which’s too good for everyone.
  3. Switching from different languages on Duolingo is still a bit rigid. This means that you have to read standard every word in a sentence to that sentence appear correctly.







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